How Do I Get Rid Of Moss In My Lawn?


The lawn is the most vital part of the garden. It makes a statement about your home and generally takes a lot of time and care to keep it in good condition. Springtime is the perfect season to work on your lawn to get it in peak condition for the Summer months ahead. One Springtime lawn maintenance task is ridding your lawn of pesky moss growth.

Many people consider moss to be a frustrating lawn care problem and an unwanted addition to their yard. Getting rid of moss in your lawn is only a matter of making your lawn an unsuitable environment for moss to grow.

Moss is an opportunistic species. Contrary to popular belief, moss will not take over or push out the grass in your lawn nor will it kill plants to take hold. Generally, moss will move in to an area where nothing is growing.

Moss growing in your yard is a good indication of a deeper rooted problem with your lawn. The very presence of moss growth in your lawn is a clear signal of what your lawn may be lacking and it is taking advantage of empty soil dead grass left behind. Simply providing your lawn with what it is lacking will allow you to cultivate grass in areas where moss is taking over.

In order to totally rid your lawn from the plague of moss is to first treat the deeper underlying issues with your lawn. One of the first things you should do is to check your lawn for compacted soil. Compacted soil kills the root system of grass, thus creating an empty area for moss to hold onto. Aeration of the soil should be done each year to help reduce compaction of the soil. Another element that leads to the growth of moss is poor drainage. Soil that does not drain properly and constantly stays damp will suffocate grass roots and provide an environment that will become a breeding ground for moss and its next best friend. PH levels in the soil affect both growth of moss and grass. For adequate grass growth, it needs moderate to slightly alkaline soil. Low pH levels of soil or if the soil is high in acid, the grass in your lawn will die and the moss will thrive. The pH level of soil should be between 5.8 to 6.5. PH kits can be purchased at nurseries or at lawn and garden stores so you can check the pH level of the soil in your lawn. The lack of sunlight and shady areas in your yard are also factors which makes it difficult for grass to grow. This type of environment is the preferred light source to make moss grow. Cutting back trees to allow more sunlight to your lawn will help to rid your lawn of moss.

After identifying and correcting the source of what was causing your grass to die and the moss to grow, you can begin the process of killing the moss and replanting the grass. Begin the process by applying a good moss killer to your lawn. EverGreen Complete is a good example of one of these products as it contains a four in one formulation which kills moss, controls weeds, provides nutrients for the grass and improves water absorption. After the moss is completely dead, you will need to give your entire lawn a good raking to rid it of debris. Be certain however not to rake your lawn until all the moss is dead or you will only spread moss spores over the rest of your yard. Now you can seed your lawn with your desired grass seed.

It is more important to know how to keep a healthy lawn than to know how to kill moss. Without taking the steps necessary to maintain a healthy lawn, you will find yourself plagued with moss invasions time and time again.


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  1. Aw, this was a very good post. Taking the time and actual effort to create a really good article… but what can I say… I hesitate a lot and never seem to get nearly anything done.|

  2. You’re quite welcomed!  Glad I could be of some help to you!  Good luck with your lawn.

  3. Hi, thank you very much for your kind help, will definitely go down the route of  aerating the lawn and take it from there. Many thanks for your speedy response. BK

  4. Hi, B.K.!  Welcome to THF.  Where are you located?  It’s hard to recommend anyone without knowing the person’s general location.

    You should definitely aerate the lawn before trying to get rid of the moss and clover.  Otherwise it will just come back again.  Once you’ve aerated the lawn, you can lay a new layer of top soil over the clover and plant grass seed.  Or you can pour boiling water over the clover and then plant grass seed.

    There’s several ways of aerating your lawn, depending on how much work you’re willing to do.  You can hire a landscaper to do it for you or you can rent equipment like the one shown in the video I’ve embedded in this post.  Or you can do it manually by using a spade fork or pitchfork.  Or you can follow the sample of this guy who made himself a pair of sandals with plywood and nails and use them to aerate the lawn by simply walking across it.  I’ve embedded a video for that method too.

    There’s several ways of getting rid of the moss too.  One way is to apply some type of liquid fertilizer that contains moss control ingredients like ferrous sulfate or ferrous ammonium sulfate to the affected area.   Many people suggest that agricultural or dolomitic lime be applied before fertilizing the lawn to raise the soil’s ph level.

    Anyway, here’s the videos: 


  5. Hi, my “lawn” garden is around 100ft long by about 50ft wide and absolutely covered in moss,no overhanging trees completely free of any tree shadows etc. and is completely opened to the skies, as its soo large (although I manage to mow it myself as a pensioner!) I dont think I will be able to aireate it as am told it can be very hard work,please please can you help me I also have quite a lot of “3” leaf clover growing in clumps all over which some times makes mowing a little harder for me, can you please advise me if/what I can purchase to get rid of these 2 major problems or recommend a honest  person/company that you know of  please! Look forward to hearing from you in desperation!! Many thanks in advance. B.K

  6. Nice article, Kelly!  Another company that provides consumers with great lawn care products and soil testing is the Aggrand division of Amsoil.  They sell liquid organic fertilizer products, which is better for the lawn than most non-liquid fertilizers.

  7. thank you it was very helpful.

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